40 Google Chrome Shortcut Keys to Speedup work

Most popular browser with high-speed browsing experience. but what if you don’t know some very important shortcuts? yes, there are some shortcuts in Google chrome to work and interact efficiently without touch the mouse to perform certain task like close current tab or move back to previous tab. you can directly do this type of stuff by keyboard shortcuts.

today I am going to show you simple and most useful Chrome Shortcuts which is needed in daily life. if you are the content writer or you use facebook from PC. in other cases if you are surfing the internet from desktop more than 2 hours a day. if you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser then these shortcuts are essential to speed up your work and increase efficiency.


here to note that all shortcuts provided in this post is only for Windows users and will not work in mac as don’t have control key. haha. . yes, they have command. but you can also find that on the internet if you are using the mac.

so start surfing below and try some cool shortcuts that can be handy to save time.


Shortcuts Description
 Alt + Home  Take you to home page in browser
 Alt + Tab  Switch between tabs / move to next tab
 Alt + Left Arrow  Go Back page
 Alt + Right Arrow  Move Forward a page
 Ctrl + ‘-‘ or ‘+’  Zoom out / zoom in
 Ctrl + 1-8  go to that number of tab
 Ctrl + 9  Go to last tab
 Ctrl + Enter  it will add prefix and post fix like if you type example and press Ctrl + Enter it will make it www.example.com
 Ctrl + H  History page
 Ctrl  + J  Download history page
 Ctrl + Shift + Del  Clear Data window
 Ctrl + Shift + B  Show or Hide Bookmark bar
 Ctrl + A  Select everything
 Ctrl + D  Quick add Bookmark
 Ctrl + F  Open find bar
 Ctrl + O  Open file in browser
 Ctrl + Shift + O  Open Bookmark manager
 Ctrl + K  To perform a Google search
 Ctrl + L  Focus to address bar
 Ctrl + N  Open new Window
 Ctrl + Shift + N  Open new Window in incogno mode
 Ctrl + P  Print curent page directly / you can save it as pdf
 Ctrl +R  Refresh current page
 Ctrl + S  Save the Current page
 Ctrl +T  Open new tab
 Ctrl + U  View Source code of current page
 Ctrl + W  Close current tab
 Ctrl + Shift + T  reopen lastly closed tabs
 Ctrl + Left Click  open like in new tab
 Ctrl _ Ahift + left-click  open link in new tab and switch form current to new tab
 Spacebar  Moves down a page at a time.
 Shift + Spacebar  moves up a page at a time
 Ctrl  + Alt + Down Arrow  move to top of page
  Ctrl  + Alt + Up Arrow  move to bottom of page

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