5 highest paying best URL Shorteners: Earn money by shortening links

here are the badass list of top 5 highest paying link shorteners. no matter if you are using some other link shortener or new to this earning method. I will explain you from zero to all.

so first let’s start with basics. what exactly is link shorteners and how to use it?

( if you have idea about link shorteners then you  can skip this portion )

link shorteners are online tools that let you short your long URLs. take a look at below youtube video URL quite long and complex.

Original URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T4xQrtCvjo

we can short this URL with link shorteners like goo.gl or bitly.com

it will look like. http://bit.ly/2kwcIJ7

Bitly.com and goo.gl are popular and free URL shorteners. With help of them, you can convert long links to shorter one. And that short URL will redirect you to the original URL site or page. so by shortening the URL you can also track the URL clicks and share it easily.

If you want to count how many clicks your links get, or from which region your link clicked. All these types of analysis is provided by bitly.com. So you just have to signup for free/paid account and you can monitor your all links shortened with bitly.

Note: check any bitly link’s total clicks by adding ‘+’ (plus) sign to that link.

Ex. http://bit.ly/2kwcIJ7+

Goo.gl is also the same service provided by google to short your links that make easy sharing and tracking of your links. But compare to goo.gl, bitly provides more tracking features. but you not gonna earn a single penny using bitly or goo.gl so let’s see how to make real money by link shorteners.

How to Earn money by shortening url’s of blog or webisite?

Short the link and share : 

if you have any blog or website then you can replace all external urls with link shortened urls. so each time someone clicks on that link, it will take the user to some advertisement and after skipping it, user navigated to original URL. and you get paid for each.

generally, link shorteners pay per 1000 views or impressions. here views mean user click on shortened URL and then skip ads, then only you get paid.

Reffer and earn : 

if you don’t have blog or site then also you can earn money. almost all URL shorteners provides the refferal system. so if you can refer your friend who has site or blog to signup and earn money using URL shortening then you also get a commission on your friend’s earning.

generally referral payouts are 10 to 20% of your friend’s total earnings.


Let’s discuss top 5 highest paying link shortners available in the market.

1. shorte.st : highest paying link shortner

Become a ninja and cut your long links/URLs to a shorter one. Share It, and earn money!



Why I ranked this comparatively new ad network #1?

Shortest come with lots of other monetization options along with link shorteners. it is the highest paying link shortener with payout rates 5$ to 10$ per 1000 views and the minimum payout is low to 5$. Payments are automated and done at 10 of each month if you have earned 5$ or more.

if you are running a blog or some kind of downloading website, then you can short all your links with shorte.st and maximize your earnings.

Shortest provide links related ads service. So you can also add api to monetize all your outgoing links from your website or blog. Integration is very easy, just copy and paste code to your blog.

Hit points :

  • Mass shrink tool
  • WordPress plugin
  • Real time tracking
  • Api for website/blog monetize
  • Minimum payout : 5$ (PayPal ) , 20$(payoneer)
  • Referral earnings : 20% lifetime
  • Country wise payout rates : click here

Join shorte.st : click here.


2. adf.ly : Old player -most popular linkshortner


Adf.ly is the Old and most trusted link shortener. Pays 5$ to 10$ per 1000 views of shorted URL. The minimum payout rate is also much low at 5$ So you can give a try to this network as it is trustable and in the market from a long time.

Stop here. let me point you a con of adf.ly: this link shortener site is banned in some countries like India. So id your traffic is from India or other countries where it is blocked Then it is useless for you. ( this is the reason why shorte.st is on #1 😛 )

Hit points :

  • Payment method : paypal
  • Minimum payout : 5$
  • Referral commission : 20% of referral earnings life time.

Join adf.ly : click here 

3. bc.vc : best linkshortner for mobile plateform traffic


This link shortener provides CPM with two different platforms: mobile and desktop.

Mobile CPM are high upto 14$ for Australia impressions. And for other countries it varies from 12$ to 6$. Some countries also get poor cpm but its based on location and you have to deside by your visitors gio locations.

The mobile traffic is increasing day by day compare to pc and people preffering surf net in mobile devices. If your visitors are using mobile devices which you can track using google analytics, you can preffer this link shortner, as they has high payout rates for mobile impressions.

Hit points :

  • Payment method : paypal
  • Minimum payout : 10$
  • refferal commission : 10% of referral earnings life time.
  • Payout Rates : click here

join bc.vc : click here 


4. OUO.IO : newbie linkshortner but best at payout rates

ouo.io shortener

Newbie is here. Another good network paying with payout rate up to 4.6$ for Australia and UK countries. Ouo.io is a new player in the market but still, it got focus because of high payouts and effective monitoring tools. You can try this network if your traffic mainly from Australia, UK and USA. The minimum rate for other countries are around 1.5$ so you can make a good amount of money with other geo traffics also.

Hit points :

  • Minimum payment : 5$
  • Payment methods : paypal, payza
  • refferal commission : 10% of referral earnings
  • Payout Rates : click here

Join Ouo.io : click here

5. admy.link: high paying link shortner with good commission rates

admy.link link shortener

Admy.link provides link shortening and referral commission system as others above in the list. If you don’t have site or blog then you can just refer others to earn 15% commission of their earnings for lifetime. This link shortener pays up to 2-5$ per 1000 views. And minimum payout is 5$ so you can give a chance to this network as it is on 5th highest paying link shorteners list.

Hit points :

  • Mass shrinker tool
  • Full page script to monetize all external links of blog/ website
  • refferal commission  : 15% for life.
  • Payout Rates : click here

Join admy.link : click here


final words:

so these are some highest paid link shorteners. you know something better ? or I am missing something in this post? please comment your thought and experience of your link shortner earning methods in the comment.

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