how to create a blog : start your blogging journey

this post i am writing specially for newbies who want to start their blog. so some how you comes to know about blog or blogging. some people start blog just for interest and hoby and some get inspired by others seeing them making money from blogging. money from blogging is not wrong thing and many bloggers earn full livings from only by blogging.

there are two options for start a blog. either you can start a free blog with some freely available platforms like WordPress or blogger or you can setup hosted a blog on the server. if you are new to blogging, I will recommend you to start with a blogger blog. and in this post, i will show you how you can set up your first blog on and start your blogging journey.

you can earn good money from blogging but we will not discuss here in this post about it as many people do blogging for fun and no intention to focus on money. ( i will write on how to make money from blogging in another post ūüėČ )

get ready. setting up your blog is a very difficult task and will take so much time around 15 minutes. lol yes, it is that easy.


in this post, I will show you how to create your blog without any cost, but for that, you need be ready with the topic and content you want to make a blog on.( blogging niche ) I will not discuss how to select blog niche in this post.



let’s start with blogger platform.

what is the blogger?

blogger is the free blogging platform by google. you can visit blogger by it is free service by google so people can write here and create their blog online.

you know what is the best thing about this platform? it is free. yes, 100% free. you don’t have to pay for anything. unlimited bandwidth with google’s high-end servers and no server down issue which you will face if you run self-hosted blog.

how to create a blog for free on

follow below steps:


step 1: you have the topic you want to write on, right?

go to


login to blogger



step 2: login with your google account details. blogger is Google’s service so you can use your Google or gmail account details.

enter gmail details


step 3: you will get the below screen. now choose your blog title and blog url. blogger will automatically add postfix. so enter your blog url you want to use. later you can connect custom top level domain to your free blog but for now, we going to use


choose theme for blogger


select any theme from blogger. its free and recently blogger has added some cool and fully responsive blogger theme to its theme collection. you can directly upload other themes you downloaded from other site’s but right now select any theme you like and click on create blog!

congrats! you just started your first blog on blogger. now you will get the dashboard view of the blogger. first, go through all the functions and get the basic idea of working. it is very easy and you love it!

start posting on your blog. it’s free!


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