how to increase maximum upload limit in wordpress site hosted with godaddy

2 days ago, I transferred my blog to GoDaddy hosting from globe host because of some server response issue and bad services. I set up all things on the new host and imported my old post from globe host to GoDaddy hosting. then when I turned up to change the theme of my blog, as I want to upload one theme from my local storage, it shows me like you have exceeded the max upload limit.

wait .. what ? my theme’s total size was 3.8MB and I can upload only 2MB? so here I have to increase this limit and I started googling on it.

all the results on google suggesting to edit my php.ini file and increase the limit. which is the perfect solution for this issue. but when I uploaded that file to my root folder, it was not working, am not able to upload more than 2 MB.


so it’s time to call Godaddy- award winning support team. lol .

GoDaddy support team is quite good, once they pick the call. yes, sometimes they even give 18 minutes of waiting time.

I was lucky and they connected after 7 minutes. the agent leads me to follow below steps wich am going to tell you and you can do this in any host.

generally this is the max upload limit in PHP file upload and it is prefixed by hosting providers. so if we want to increase which we need definitely, we can do it without php.ini file edit or create.


so in this type of problem if your site or blog hosted on GoDaddy hosting, and if php.ini file not working you can follow below method to do it another way. here am focusing on GoDaddy because some other hosting provider which I tried gave max upload length greater than 2 MB so we don’t need to increase it.

but if your blog or site hosted in other host and you want to increase the limit then also you can follow below steps.

you can just simply increase the max upload size limit without confusing with php.ini file.


Step 1: login to Cpanel.  ( in case of GoDaddy you can directly login to your GoDaddy account >> manage hosting >> manage )


godaddy cpanel


Step 2: find Select PHP version in Cpanel.


cpanel manage php version

Step 3: you will get a screen full of some check boxes like below image. leave it as it is. click on Switch To PHP Options from top right corner.


click to options godaddy



Step 4: here you will get all the option you can change like maximum file upload limit, max input time, etc. just find post max_size and change it to whatever you want from the drop down. just click on the size digit. like here I already set it to 64M. you can change it to your desired size up to 128M.


change max upload limit in blog wordpress


Step 5: save it.  🙂


you are done! go back to your wordpress blog and try to upload a file more than 2M and it will work..

happy blogging!


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