How to Monetize Low Quality site traffic : best Adsense alternative

Each and every blogger started their blog with the plan to hit the AdSense and earn huge money from it. but as we all know the bitter truth, Adsense is not for everyone and not fit with all the niche topic in blogging. some blogger doesn’t know about this in the starting and after started getting some traffic they try to approve in Adsense and get rejected.

adsense alternative to earn money blog

Nowadays, it is a bit easy to get an AdSense account compare to last year as I personally experienced, but if your blog or website niche do not come in the AdSense policy then they not gonna approve you even of you getting 10k views a day. some niche like gaming, tricks and hacks etc are not suitable for Adsense and so you need to find the alternative to earn money as we all have spent some money and the big amount of time on that blog.


there are some other PPC based advertising platforms that are good as an alternative of Adsense but if your niche does not fit with their policy then your blog rejected from there also.

now you are thinking that which type of niche are am talking about? I am writing this post especially for the blog with niche of love and friendship kind of niche which are too difficult to get approved for Adsense or other that kind of advertiser company  i.e. Chitika or info links.

content ad alternative of AdSense

so here is the not much popular but good and reliable ad network for your low-quality blog niche. is the banner and thumbnail kind of advertisement provider. which pays you per click basis.

the average payout rates are around 2$ per 100 clicks on advertising. the numbers given are for Indian traffic. traffic from USA or UK will get you high earnings.

there are many other advertisers like taboola which provide like advertise thumbs service to publishers, but again, it is difficult to approve your domain. I tried 3 to 4 advertisers but approves quickly and payout rates are high.


Things to know about

Approval time:

after signup for a free publisher account, you have to submit your domain to verify as they don’t advertise on adult content sites. but their procedure is quick and you will get the response in 24 hours which is mostly positive.


Types of ads: provides four types of ads mainly. you can place their ads code on your site to check each one and decide which one is suitable with your site content.

  1. Thumbnail and text links

thumbnail and text based ad format

this is main type mostly all the advertiser prefer to place on the blog or site. when you create widget code (ad placement code ) you will get many options for each category of ads. you can select how many column and rows you want for the particular widget and the ad code will be generated accordingly. like if you want to place thumbnails in 3*3 format – 3 rows with 3 column each then you will get the code for 9 thumbnails in 3*3 format.

you can adjust according to your requirements.


2. Text only

text ads

here is the sample of text ads, you can place on your blog or website.


3. banner ad

banner ad format content ad

banner ads are similar to thumbnails but the format is little different. you can manage ads per column as per your requirements and get the max out of it.

4. pop-up ads

adsense alternative popup ads

you can use popup ads to boost your earnings as the ad will pop up when the website page loaded so the chance to of clicks on ads will increase. but one thing to focus on when using this type of popups is that your site’s bounce rate will also go high as all the customer who clicks on ads will be taken to another site.


methods to place ads on blog or website: provides javascript code to place on any page you want to show ads on your approved site or blog directly. but they also provide two different widget methods to place ads on the blog if you hosted your blog on wordpress or blogger.

for a wordpress blog, you can directly add plugin to your blog from add new plugin section of wordpress. and after verifying your account and properly placed the wordpress key which you get when you install the plugin and start set-it-up.  it is a very easy method and then you can directly create a new widget and active or disabled already created ads on your wordpress blog.

here one thing I noticed that, if you are using UC browser to manage your blog, then the widget will not work properly as UC browser has inbuilt adblocker so I recommend using google chrome or Firefox browser.

in blogger blog, you can simply add a new widget from layouts or you can directly paste the code in HTML template. even I sometimes directly paste the code to blog post to show ads between the blog post. you can place it on your requirements.


Payout threshold:

the minimum threshold to get a payout is 100$. which is quite high as they don’t pay that much compared to Adsense but still if you getting good traffic then you will definitely reach this limit in short time. finalize earnings at the end of the month. and you will get paid monthly on the 30-day basis.

Payment methods:

they currently pay via PayPal and I not found any payment delay in their system so no worry of scam or delay of payment.

and with compare to adsense this is the plus pooint that you dont get banned. adsense has very strick rules and they ban account immidiatly. all the earning will be lost where with you will earn slow but you will get paid what you earn surely.


Earning proof:

content ad earning proof




this is the snap from one of my blog’s earnings. not much but you can estimate yours with eCPM and clicks of last 7 days. all the traffic is from India. 😛



at the end I will say, you can give a try to if you are not able to get an AdSense account or get banned by Adsense.

got any new or unknown ad network better than this? share it in comments.

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